Quotes About Doing Right Thing


So today i am coming with new post Quotes About Doing Right Thing. We should always try to do right things no matter how bad situation is just keep moving and do right things. Scroll down to read all the right things.

Quotes About Doing Right Thing

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Quotes About Doing the right things

Quotes About Doing the right thing

Quotes about being right

  • Doing the right thing has power. Laura Linney
  • The time is always right to do what is right. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it. Robert H. Schuller
  • Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest. Mark Twain
  • Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Peter Drucker
  • Better to fail at doing the right thing than to succeed at doing the wrong thing. Guy Kawasaki
  • The worst thing you can do is nothing. Terry Pratchett
  • The right thing isn’t always real obvious. Sometimes the right thing for one person is the wrong thing for someone else. So…good luck figuring that out.” ? Stephenie Meyer
  • Quotes About Doing Right Thing
  • Tactics mean doing what you can with what you have. Saul Alinsky
  • Doing more things faster is no substitute for doing the right things. Stephen Covey
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  • Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. C. S. Lewis
  • I think that we as a people are always prone to think about, well, tomorrow will be a better day. Well, why will it be a better day? And I think the more that we believe in doing things better, doing the right thing rather than hoping that that’s going to happen, let’s make it happen. Bobby Knight
  • When you’re managing a large number of people, you learn that incentives matter tremendously. You really want people to be rewarded for doing the right thing for the customers and the organization. Ramez Naam
  • Do what you can, with what you have and do it now! George Washington Carver
  • If you have to do it, then you’re doing the right thing. Kathy Valentine
  • Flying dreams mean that you’re doing the right thing with your life. Douglas Coupland
  • What one thinks is right is not always the same as what others think is right; no one can be always right.” ? Roy T. Bennett
  • Character is the moral strength to do the right thing even when it costs more than you want to pay. Michael Josephson
  • Everybody wants to support his own region and economy and farming. If we can preserve the land and if we can preserve the ocean, we all know, deep inside that we’re doing the right thing. Eric Ripert
  • The worst thing you can do is nothing. (re: teaching children with autism) Temple Grandin
  • When you’re caught up in the storm or, you know, just the turmoil of everything that there is another side and you do get through it. And you know, just standing by the truth and doing the right thing. Amber Frey
  • You are a role model to people. You gotta make sure you’re doing the right thing. Stipe Miocic
  • I pray to be a good servant to God, a father, a husband, a son, a friend, a brother, an uncle, a good neighbor, a good leader to those who look up to me, a good follower to those who are serving God and doing the right thing. Mark Wahlberg
  • We need to have a purpose in this life. I’m pleading with you, I’m begging with you to do the right thing. And do it not for the sake of how it will impact your own lives, but only for the sake of doing the right thing. James McGreevey
  • I don’t know what religious people do. I kind of wished I’d been a Christian with the blind faith that God is doing the right thing. As a Buddhist, you feel like you have more control over the situation, and that you can change your karma. Marcia Wallace
  • There’s so much negative imagery of black fatherhood. I’ve got tons of friends that are doing the right thing by their kids, and doing the right thing as a father – and how come that’s not as newsworthy? Will Smith
  • I think a big test we all face in life on a regular basis is that discouragement test. Life’s not always fair, but I believe if you keep doing the right thing, God will get you to where you are. Joel Osteen
  • The greatest bad guys, you understand where they’re coming from. They believe they’re doing the right thing. Sometimes it’s for greed, sometimes it’s for other reasons, but they are what they call the center of good. They always believe they’re doing the right thing. John Lasseter
  • Ethics are not necessarily to do with being law-abiding. I am very interested in the moral path, doing the right thing. Kate Atkinson
  • To me, if you love it enough to devote your life to it, then you’re doing the right thing. Kris Kristofferson
  • Character is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that’s right is to get by, and the only thing that’s wrong is to get caught. J. C. Watts
  • My childhood, I wouldn’t say it was bad. It helped me grow up. I stayed out of trouble. My parents taught me what’s wrong and right, and knowing that I had a little brother following me, I had to make sure I was doing the right thing so he knows what’s right, too. I was in the house nine days out of 10. There wasn’t nothing good outside for me. Russell Westbrook

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